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where the sun rises on happiness
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1st-Dec-2013 06:56 pm(no subject)
Nana and Hachiko
5th-Jul-2011 10:10 pm - Writer's Block: Singing in the rain
What tune do you regularly find yourself humming or singing in the shower?

 Hmmm... i don't exactly remember right now but Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" is stuck in my head. And I'm about to take a shower.... 
Rockstar Kira
4th-Jul-2011 01:41 am - Family
 So my family is in China and they've left me behind. It's because I just started a new job and I wasn't sure if it looked bad to go on vacation so soon after I started... therefore I didn't even ask to go on vacation.

I feel kind of left out because I feel that this was the trip I was looking forward to for so many years :(. Oh well, right now I'm spending time with family that I don't usaully get to see very often. In a way, it's nice being able to see my family's different households. It's like trying out families. LOL. I actually find it quite refreshing to be with out them (oops... xD).

Anyway, my family will be back soon enough and hopefully they bring me back some nice souvenirs! 

I just played a lot of Xbox Kinnect tonight, so I'm going to sleep now. Oh, and HAPPY JULY 4th to you Americans! :) 
Lacus spreading happiness
9th-Jun-2011 11:07 pm - Finally, some anime!
 I FINALLY watched Eden of the East: King of Eden today on Netflix. I finished the 11 episode series awhile ago, so it was really good to watch the continuation. However, the ending-- such a cliffhangar! I'm looking forward to the 2nd movie.

Anyway, things are a little stressful and I may be breaking out into hives because of it. I'm having a college graduation party at my house and a lot of family and 3 friends are coming over. The house needs to be cleaned, food needs to be made, a cake needs to be bought @_@. Ai-YAH.
Kagome tears and petals
30th-Mar-2011 12:19 pm - Modern Rendition
 So I'm going to see this movie this friday, and I'm SO excited! I loved the book, and this movie looks like it's been done very well. The only that I heard is lacking is a good ending. Critics and audience said that the ending was sudden and very rushed :(. That's too bad because I feel like the ending is a very crucial and emotional part of the story.

Cut for cool some beautiful screenshots!Collapse )
Eureka surrounded by flowers
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